Consignment-0001- Rare Good Luck Flag Painted Sake Cup "SOLD"

This is a beautiful Sake Cup featuring a signed good luck flag in its center. The outer edge of the cup is perfect with no chips. There is some wear to the gold leaf that surrounds the rim. The rest of the cup is in great condition, although there are 2 small flea bites to the bottom stand or rim. An attractive green paint lines the inside and has been painted in a cherry blossom pattern. The inner artwork is iconic, showing a gold leaf imperial army star, colorful pink cherry blossoms, brown painted army steel combat helmet with star, and a rifle with suspended good luck flag. Across the inner aspect of the cup there are 4 gold leaf characters that say, “Victorious Return Commemorative”. The Japanese good luck flag has a few rows of black kanji across it, making it look like a signed flag. Those characters say, “Enlightened Empire”, “Loyalty and Courage”, and “Long Live the Great Japanese Empire”. You will see numerous sake cups containing flags on them, but few display good luck signed flags.


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