Consignment-0002- Rare "Shunga" Painted Sake Cup

This sake cup is a classic example of Japanese erotica, also known as “Shunga”. Translated literally, the Japanese word Shunga means, “picture of spring”. In Japan, this is a common euphemism for sex. While seen most often in wood block prints or ukiyo-e, Shunga took other forms as well. In the immediate post-War time period, sake cups with the painted images of lovers were popular as were painted Shunga hankies, etc. The outer portion of this sake cup is decorated with red and blue springtime flowers, while the outer rim is is lined with a reddish colored paint. There is a small flea bite along the rim as well as an irregularity that from manufacture that is not a chip (see images). These have always been quite popular in Japan and continue to be so both there and around the world.


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