Militaria-0003-Hoko Bukuro-"SOLD"

This Japanese fukuro or “bag” is known as a hoko bukuro. It is made from a green dyed cotton material and has its original white cotton tie strings across the top. Approximate measurements for the bag are 14.00″ High X 9.00″ Wide. The box to left of the 3 centered characters is for the owner to place his name. This particular example has been issued/named.
The hoko bukuru was used to carry a soldier or sailor’s paybook, medals, various insignia, as well as military specialist certificates, savings record booklets, etc. The characters on the bag’s reverse provide the list of contents as described above.
The bag is in very good condition with no signs of rips or tears.
Note: these are not “Comfort Bags” as described on some sites. Comfort bags generally had some type of patriotic related artwork screened on them, and normally contained “goodies” (soap, toothpaste/toothbrushes, mosquito nets, pencils, paper, postcards, etc.), sent to the troops by the folks back home.

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