Miscellaneous Amulet of Protection-0005

This tenugui or white cotton cloth hand towel measures approximately 6.25″ High X 59.00″ Long. Tenugui were used in Japan as hand towels, wash cloths, headbands, etc. They were also used as souvenirs, and decorative items like this one. Today they have been replaced primarily by terry cloth towels, but are still often used around the head in sporting events in order to absorb sweat.
One popular use during the War was to have the tenugui stamped at various temples, and shrines. The stamped cloth would then be carried as an item of good luck. This particular example has 4 nice, large red ink stamped Buddhist temple seals on it. The first on the left-hand side (3.0″ High), portrays an open lotus blossom. Within the center of the blossom is normally a Sanskrit character for the mantra, “Om”. The Sanskrit character here is faded. The second seal from the left (4.0″ High), partially reads, “Amida Nyorai, Omi Daishi”. “Amida Nyorai” is the Buddhist god, Amitabha, and “Omi Daishi” is the temple title name (although there are a number of those that share the same name, so it is tough to pin-point the exact location). The third seal from the left (3.5″ High), is a Deity Seal (a stamp that represents one of the Buddhist gods), possibly one of the 7 Lucky Gods. The seal on the far right-hand side (3.0″ High), again appears to be an open lotus blossom with a Sanskrit character in the center.
To the right of the 4 large seals is a vertical line of black kanji characters that are difficult to read. Similarly, the small characters on the far right-hand side are hard to make out. This is a nice, clean good luck cloth amulet.


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