Off-To-War Banner-0003

This heavy silk Off-To-War Banner measures approximately 17.25″ Wide X 57.50″ Long. It was part of a larger banner collection presented to the soldier Nakajima Junji who was departing for war. The characters on this particular example tell us that the nobori was presented to “Junji by Kimura (Yokohama City)”. The artwork near the top of the banner displays a rising sun battle flag, gold army star and decorative green squiggle design. Red sun rays shine down through the banner edges and center. This nobori is trimmed in a dark purple-blue border and the bottom edge is lined in gold silk tassels. The banner’s original hanging bar is in place along with heavy white cord and gold silk tassels. Some stains are evident primarily on the left-hand side and near the bottom. Some scattered insect damage is evident throughout.


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