Off To War Banner-0016-"SOLD"

This bright and colorful silk Off-To-War Banner measures approximately 17.5″ wide X 62.0″ long.  In very good condition, it s outer border is trimmed in orange, while the center aspect is an attractive cream-white color.  The art across the top utilizes a Japanese battle flag as the background.  Superimposed over it is a teal-blue colored squiggle across the top, followed by a large pink cherry blossom, surrounded by a wreath just below.  Dropping down, there is a series of smaller red cherry blossoms, falling across the banner’s width.  The bottom edge of this beautiful nobori is edged in an orange-blue silk tassel.  The vertical rows of black kanji characters say, “Presented to: Arai Kinsuke.  Presented by: Yokomizo Shuzojiro, Komuro Kenjiro and Yokomizo Sadajiro of Komiya Town, Owada.” (The same soldier also owned otwb-0017 as well as otwb-0021).

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