Off To War Banner-0021-"SOLD"

This is an extremely well-made and colorful silk Japanese Off-To-War Banner. Measuring approximately 17.00″ wide X 54.50″ long, the art silk screened in the upper aspect of the nobori shows a Golden Kite bird with open wings, astride a lotus blossom. The lotus flower is superimposed over a battle flag with red sun rays extending outward. The outermost aspect of the banner is trimmed in scarlet purple silk. Just below the center wreath is a teal blue colored “squiggle” with fading sun rays broadcasting beneath it. Dropping vertically down the side of the banner are brightly screen painted green and red laurel leaves and berries. These end along the bottom edge of the nobori, which is trimmed with gold and powder-blue silk tassels. The vertical kanji begin with the character for, soldier going off-to-war and then the dedication, “Presented to: Arai Kinsuke- Presented by: Kawata Genkichi”. The overall condition of this banner is excellent! (The same soldier owned otwb-0016 as well as otwb-0017).

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