Off To War Banner-0022- "SOLD"

This classic and old “Triumphant Return” Banner is made from a coarse cotton material that measures approximately 13.25″ wide X 108.00″ long. The former Japanese owner thought that based upon its construction, including the wooden “pagoda-type” hanger, that this nobori dated from either the Russo-Japanese or First Sino-Japanese War era. In any case, “triumphant return” banners are generally difficult to find from any period. This particular example was dyed red. The characters and art were created by taking a pencil and outlining each kanji and image location. Wax was then added inside those outlines and the banner was then dyed. Afterward, the material was rinsed in hot water to reveal the white open spaces.  Next, the Japanese army star, laurel wreath, berries and ribbon seen at the top were hand painted into the white voids and across the red cloth. Below the star and wreath, there are 2 crossed Japanese flags, striped flag poles with finials, lashed together by a heavily knotted cord. The banner was “Presented to: Oka Tsurumatsu and Presented by: Shimizu Hideo“.  For its age and rarity, this banner is in very good condition and maintains its original wooden figural hanger.

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