Off To War Banner-0023 "SOLD"

This is a large silk Off-To-War Banner that measures approximately 27.00″ wide X 138.00″ long.  The nicely done art panel across the top shows crossed Japanese national and battle flags with poles lashed together by a thick green cord and tassel. Added to the design is a well executed Japanese army star in the center-top aspect. Below the flags, a large blue “squiggle” design pattern may be seen. The large red character is for a soldier going off-to-war. There are some scattered stains and a few insect bites, mostly in the area of the battle flag. Otherwise, this nobori is in overall very nice condition. Painted in vertical black kanji characters are the names of the recipient and the person presenting the gift. Those lines say, “Presented to: Tsuda Jintaro– Presented by: Kishimoto Denjiro of Kyoto“. (Off-To-War Banner-0025 was owned by the same soldier as well).


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