Off To War Banner-0024

The quality of the silk brocade used to make this Off-To-War Banner is quite nice. The overall measurements are 25.00″ wide X 129.50″ long, Chrysanthemum flowers may be seen running the entire length of the nobori. Across the upper silk panel, a white “squiggle” decoration is first observed. In the upper-center, a bold red cherry blossom flower is seen, superimposed over a pink ribbon and bow. That design is surrounded by a green and red laurel berry wreath. Immediately below that, a crossed Japanese battle flag and national flag or hata, mounted to black and white striped poles and capped by gold finials assume prominent positions. The lower border is decorated by a colorful blue and gold silk tassel. The long vertical rows of black kanji characters read, “Presented to: Terui Eiichi- Presented by: Terui Isamu“. Overall, this banner is in very nice condition and ready for display! (This banner was presented to the same soldier in otwb-0029).


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