Off To War Banner-0025 "SOLD"

This gorgeous Off-To-War Banner is well-made and crafted from the nicest materials. The overall measurements are approximately 22.00″ wide X 66.00″ long. The white center silk panel was printed using a silk screen process, while the vertical black kanji characters were hand-painted to the outside of the nobori. The dark purple silk bunting that surrounds the banner, was hand sewn around the outside perimeter. Across the top, a wooden dowel with its original metal caps, still suspends this off-to-war gift. A Golden Kite with wings held open, takes a prominent position in the center of the colorful art. Long red sun rays, with white and gold-leafed Japanese army star, surround the Kite. Green and red laurel branches and berries encircle the overall design and are held in place by a blue colored bow. To the lower left and right, a Japanese national hata or flag may be seen. Just below that, a dark blue “squiggle” design stretches from left to right. The vertical lines of kanji begin with the red character for, a soldier going to war. Below that, the black characters say, “Presented to: Tsuda Jintaro-Presented by: From All Employees”. The lower edge of this very clean banner is finished off by long gold tassels. (Off-To-War Banner-0023 was owned by the same soldier as well).

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