Off To War Banner-0026

This is another marvelous silk Off To War Banner with beautifully colored art along the upper panel. The nobori measures approximately 16.00″ wide X 52.00″ long. Across the top, the banner is suspended by a wood pole that has each of its ends covered by a decorative silver metal cap. The left hand cap displays a bright yellow-gold tassel hanging from its lower side. The upper gold silk suspension cord is further bound with alternating red and white good luck cord; a nice addition! This all silk banner consists of a shimmering white inner panel that is surrounded by a heavy purple outer border. Centered in the upper aspect of the banner is a beautiful white and gold leaf paint Japanese army star. Immediately below the star are crossed Japanese battle flag and national flag. The pair are tied together by a heavy green cord and tassel. The flags are suspended by their black and white striped poles, with each being capped by a finial painted in gold leaf paint. Underneath the flags, a purple “squiggle” design runs from left to right, intersecting the purple edged border. The center of the squiggle contains the red-pink kanji character for, soldier going to war. The larger vertical black and red kanji ideograms below that give the name of the recipient, Matsushita Soshichi- Presented by: Yamamoto Yuji of Tsuda Store. Off To War Banners look quite nice hanging by themselves or suspended in groups on the wall.  Each one makes a nice conversation piece and every one is quite unique!


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