Off To War Banner-0027

This Off To War or Conscription Send-Off Banner is made from a beautiful and heavy crimson-red silk material. The quality fabric is covered from top to bottom and edge to edge with small, medium and large cherry blossom flowers. When the sunlight hits the material, it literally shines with cherry blossoms!  The approximate measurements of the nobori are 27.00″ wide X 150.50″ long. The large row of vertical black painted kanji characters gives us the name of the person going off-to-war; Noguchi Kazuyoshi.  He is also the soldier presented with the signed good luck parade flag (glf-0062), listed in the category, “Flags-Good Luck Signed Flags“.  I will also be listing another send-off banner (otwb-0028), for the same soldier. This is someone’s chance to own one soldier’s off to war banners and good luck signed parade flag!


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