Off To War Banner-0028

Today, I am listing this Off To War or Send Off Banner that was presented to Noguchi Kazuyoshi. He is the same person that was given off to war banner (otwb-0027) and good luck signed flag (glf-0062); those items are also listed on the website. This nobori is made from a white silk inner panel and outer purple silk border panels. The approximate overall measurements are 20.00″ wide X 72.00″ long. The banner was folded and store over the years and there are a few areas where a mouse chewed on the cloth, causing some damage (see photos). At the same time, there are a couple of areas near the center of the banner that have brown stains. The top center of the banner has a colorful Japanese army star silk screened in bright yellow and white. It sits above a Japanese battle flag and national flag that have been lashed together by a purple cord with tassels. The flags are mounted on black and white striped flag poles that are topped by prominent round, yellow finials. Immediately below the flags is a teal blue “squiggle” design with the red kanji characters for, soldier entering the service or soldier going off to war. The center of the white panel has a long row of medium sized black kanji characters as well as a smaller vertical row next to it. The banner is again presented to Noguchi Kazuyoshi from Kadowaki Yoshio. This banner has some damage but it’s nice to find in an available grouping, along with its red “bed sheet” banner (otwb-0027) and good luck signed parade flag (glf-0062). Thank you for having a look at the other items also listed.


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