Off To War Banner-0029

Here is a large, colorful Shussei Nobori or Off To War Banner, made from a heavy white silk. The approximate measurements of this long banner are 27.00″ wide X 122.00″ long. The banner was “Presented to: Terui Eichi by Iwadate Chojiro“. People generally collect off to war banners because of their marvelous artwork, which normally  takes up the prominent, upper-center aspect of the nobori. This particular banner has a large red and white Japanese battle flag and national flag, each mounted to a crossed flag pole with finials and secured by a large gold knotted tassel. Between the two flags, a large red cherry blossom is present, surrounded by a pink ribbon that accents it perfectly. That design is then surrounded by a colorful green and red laurel berry wreath. Evident across the top is a large white “squiggle” design, set off by its deep purple background color. Along the lower edge of the off to war banner, a thin yellow and gold silk tassel has been affixed. This banner is in very nice condition and at one time was presented to the same soldier named in otwb-0024.


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