Off To War Banner-0030 "SOLD"

This wonderful silk off-to-war banner measures approximately 17.00″ wide X 53.50″ long. The white material has an interesting cross-hatch or checkerboard pattern; while the artwork and kanji characters have been artistically applied over the top of it. The upper aspect of the banner is extremely beautiful, covering the highest edge of the material and extending more than half-way down the nobori. Across the top you will notice a red and white painted Japanese battle flag. Just below that is a bright purple “squiggle” that runs the entire width, from right to left. In the center of the sun/squiggle is a very brightly rendered pink and red cherry blossom. The sakura flower is surrounded by a green laurel wreath and red berries. Holding the two laurel branches together is a nicely tied red bow. Just below the bow is a multi-colored and highly detailed phoenix bird, captured in red, green, purple, blue and pink colors. The entire design jumps out because of the many spots of glitter that decorate the bird’s torso and feathers. The bright blue color of the upper characters for, soldier going to war, are also outlined in the eye catching spots of glitter. Horizontal stripes of orange, accent the lower half of this nobori and are covered by the large black ideograms that read: “For Inductee: Choichiro Suzuki-Presented by the Otaru City (Hokkaido) Tomii Store.” The lower edge of the banner is finished off in a finely detailed silk trim, along with 6 small orange and white rolled felt balls. This off-to-war nobori comes suspended from a bamboo rod, and contains its 2 large red silk tassels and suspension string. Near excellent condition!

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