Off To War Banner-0031

This Shusei Nobori or Off To War Banner is in a most desirable size. It measures approximately 16.50″ wide X 58.00″ long. The pale golden colored silk was expertly decorated across the top edge with a light purple “squiggle” design. A two-toned, black and gold glittered Imperial Japanese army star stands out in its center.  Just below that design is a large green laurel wreath with red berries; both branches are held together by a neatly tied red and orange bow. Below the bow are the characters for the dedication, soldier going to war, done in a deep blue paint. The vertical black kanji characters under this say, “Presented to: Shotaro Hashimoto-From: Okada”. The attractive yellow-gold trim along the bottom is accented further by blue silk thread. (*Note- this banner and banner #’s 0033, 0034, 0035 and 0036 were presented to the same soldier.) 


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