Off To War Banner-0032

This colorful Off To War Banner has some very nice, collectible characteristics. Measuring approximately 22.00″ wide X 70.00″ long, the center cloth panel is made from white, age-toned silk and is surrounded by a deep purple silk accent border. The banner is suspended from its original hanger, having its 2 silver metal end-caps, red tassels and suspension string all present. The upper quadrant of the nobori displays a large red and white painted Japanese battle flag with a highly detailed Golden Kite flying through the center of the red sun. The large bird, a symbol of valor, was painted with shades of gold-brown and blue and has been finished off with glitter in order to make it shine in the sunlight (there is a small tear near the bird’s foot; please see image). Immediately below the bird is a bold, deep blue “squiggle” design running horizontally from left to right. In the center of this design, a bright silver Imperial Japanese army star was affixed. Most of the banners encountered today have painted stars, rather than the tougher to find, metal ones. Below the star, the red characters for, soldier going off to war, are seen. Prominent black kanji characters run vertically below this and read, “Presented to: Kazuo Kosuge- From: “All Best Friends”. The lower edge of the banner is finished in heavy, dark gold tassels. Please note: there is a tear in the purple silk trim within the upper right-hand border (see image). This is a wonderful off to war banner in a great length for display. A second listed banner is named to the same soldier. (*Note: This banner is 1 of 2 that were presented to the same solider; the other is otwb-0037).


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