Off To War Banner-0033

We are offering this Off To War Banner, presented to the same soldier as in our offering “otwb-0031”. The pale gold-toned silk material measures approximately 17.50″ wide X 57.50″ long. The upper quarter of this nobori was painted in a deep purple color that gently fades to a lighter purple as it descends. A teal blue “squiggle” design runs along the top aspect, from left to right. In the center, a red cherry blossom, surrounded by a green laurel wreath with red berries is present. The wreath is neatly tied together with a red bow. Just underneath, 2 crossed flag poles, lashed together with a pale green tassel and sporting a Japanese battle flag on one and a Japanese national flag on the other, are found. Golden chrysanthemum blossoms, along with their pale green leaves, decorate the banner’s outer edges and are neatly tied together at the bottom with a red bow. The uppermost teal blue kanji character describes that the banner is being given to a soldier going off to war. The remaining larger black kanji read, “Presented to: Shotaro Hashimoto-From: Koujiro Hashimoto. The lower edge is nicely finished off with a bright yellow-gold row of silk tassels. Blue accent thread runs along its upper aspect. A very clean banner from a beautiful grouping! (*Note- this banner and banner #’s 0031, 0034, 0035 and 0036 were presented to the same soldier.)


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