Off To War Banner-0034 "SOLD"

This is probably one of the most colorful and detailed Shusei Nobori or Off To War Banner that I have encountered in some time. Made in a very displayable size, the banner measures approximately 17.75″ wide X 58.75″ high. The upper third of the banner has an amazing artist’s rendition of a large red and white Japanese battle flag. The center of the flag displays a brightly painted Golden Kite bird, sitting atop a rotating globe of the earth. The Kite is painted in golden-brown, black, white and dark blues, while the globe captures the countries under Japanese control in the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere; Japan is shown in red, with China, Korea, etc. painted in different shades. Immediately below the art are the characters for, soldier going to war, in a beautiful shade of purple. Running left to right across the middle is a pale green “squiggle” design. The large black vertical kanji that run down the center give the name of the owner and the presenter; they say, ‚ÄúPresented to: Shotaro Hashimoto-From: Shigeru Hashimoto. An impressive shade of ocean-blue, fading to a lighter shade covers the left, right and lower aspect of the nobori’s outer edges. The lower-most edge is trimmed in a yellow-gold silk tassel that is a bit loose. (*Note- This banner and banner #’s: 0031, 0033, 0035 and 0036 were presented to the same soldier.)

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