Off To War Banner-0035 "SOLD"

This silk Off To War Banner or Shusei Nobori is made from a white silk material. The 4 outer border edges were lightly painted with an attractive pale gold-green paint that fades out as it moves toward the center of the banner. Near the uppermost edge, a dark purple “squiggle” design may be noted running horizontally from one edge to the other. In the middle, a 5-pointed Japanese army star stands out in gold and dark blue paint. Immediately below that, a very attractive light pink and red sakura or cherry blossom with black and gold accents catches the eye; it is surrounded by a green laurel wreath and red berries, all of which are tied together with a red bow with black accents. About half-way down the length of the nobori you can see blue kanji characters for, soldier going to war. The name of the soldier who was presented the banner is present in large black kanji.  They read, “Presented to: Shotaro Hashimoto- From: Friends”. The lower edge is finely trimmed in a gold, white and blue silk tassel. An eye-catching banner in excellent condition! (*Note-This banner as well as #’s: 0031, 0033, 0034 and 0036 belonged to the same soldier.)


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