Off To War Banner-0036

The design of this Banner is classic Shusei Nobori. The art in the upper aspect of the nobori begins with a large red and white Japanese battle flag, with 3 sun rays bursting through a teal blue “squiggle” design. In the center of the squiggle, a gold and white Imperial army star shines forth. The pale green kanji characters for, soldier going to war, are seen immediately below. Those are followed by the larger vertical line of black kanji that provide the name of the banner’s owner, “Shotaro Hashimoto”. The smaller line of 4 characters to the left-hand side read, “Yoshizo Machida”, the presenter. The entire nobori banner is rimmed with a deep purple colored border that measures approximately 2.50″ thick. Scanning down to the lower edge, the material is trimmed in a gold and white silk tassel. Overall, the banner measures approximately 17.50″ wide X 54.50″ long. (*Note: this is 1 of 5 banners presented to the same soldier-Shotaro Hashimoto. The other 4 are otwb’s: 0031, 0033, 0034 and 0035)


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