Off To War Banner-0037

This is a first-rate, highly detailed Off To War Banner or Shusei Nobori. Measuring approximately 27.50″ wide X 125.50″ long, the banner was made from a large section of heavy white silk-satin material that is now age-toned to a warm cream color. The upper aspect art design is silk screened with a huge red and white Japanese Battle Flag, the rays streaming inward toward the center of the piece, rather than down and away. In the middle of the flag, an extremely large and detailed Golden Kite medal, awarded for bravery is shown, measuring over 13.00″ high, painted in shades of green, blue, red, white, brown and gold. A silver-gold glitter was liberally applied to its surface in places, and it makes various parts of the design burst with sparkling light (there are a few small tears in the Golden Kite design-see images). There is a small tear inĀ  All of that is surrounded by a green laurel wreath, with red berries. Separating the top art portion of the banner from the vertical black kanji dedication, is a large teal-blue “squiggle” design. In its center are the red kanji characters for, soldier going to war. Below that, 3 lines of black ideograms read, “Presented to: Kasuo Kosuge-From: Ichitaro Taniguchi”. In addition, the remaining characters say that Kasuo Kosuge will be joining the, “Kanazawa 9th Corps of Engineers Regiment”. This historic banner would make an interesting research piece, not to mention a stunning addition to your Japanese militaria collection! (*Note: This banner is 1 of 2 belonging to the same soldier. The other is otwb-0032).



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