Off To War Banner-0039

This is a beautiful and colorful Japanese Off-To-War Banner. The vast majority of Off-To-War Banners are long and narrow. This example is a rarer, rectangular (flag shaped) shaped nobori.  Made from a heavy silk and satin combination of material, the nobori measures approximately 27.50″ X 33.00″, not including the colorful gold tassels. The heavy cotton tie strings are present in both right-hand corners. There are only a few very small holes, with the overall condition very good-excellent.

The design on the front of the banner was placed using a silk screening method.  The center is made to look like a Japanese battle flag, surrounded by a partial green wreath and berries.  Near the very top of the wreath is a gold painted, Imperial Japanese Army star. The outer border is rimmed in a rich and bold shade of purple. All of the tassels are present.

Rectangular shaped Off-To-War Banners are much less common than the others that are more commonly seen.  This one is a beauty!

From the upper to the lower line of kanji, the characters read: “Induction”; “Loyalty and Courage is the Duty”; “Celebration!”; “Army Medical Officer Candidate”; “Matsumoto Genchi”- (the recipient); “Kazawa”- (the presenter).


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