Off To War Banner-0040 Golden Kite

This Nobori or Off To War Banner is in very good condition.  The banner is made from a thick, silk-satin material.  The center panel is made from white satin cloth that is surrounded on three sides by a deep purple satin border.  The lower edge of the Nobori Banner is finished off with gold-yellow silk fringe. The hanger is in nice condition with both golden yellow tassels in place. There is some rust on the silvery metal caps, where the tassels attach (see photo).

Located at the very top of the banner is a beautiful Golden Kite Breast Star decoration; a Japanese national flag and battle flag crossed just below it. The two flags are lashed together by a cord and tassel that are painted in heavy gold paint. Making its way from left to right below the flags, is a dark blue “squiggle” design.

This is a fine Nobori in a great displayable size!

The black and red kanji characters located across the white panel read, “Send Off for Okada Masao”.  The banner was “Presented by: Ota Okitoshi”.


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