Off To War Banner 0042 "SOLD"

I have seen this unusual style of off-to-war banner only a couple of times.  Approximate measurements are 31.” wide X 39.5″ long.  The nobori is mounted on it original wood pole. The metal end caps are rusty, but in place. The gold tie string is attached to both sides of the pole, but it is broken. One gold tassel remains, while the other is missing.

The banner’s center panel is made from white silk and has darkened with age.  It shows wear, stains and some insect bites. The outer aspect of the banner is trimmed in an impressive and heavy, deep blue silk.  There is a hole near the 6 o’clock position, located in the white silk and others near the 7,8 and 9 o’clock positions in the outer blue border. (see photos)

A beautiful crossed pair of Japanese national and battle flags are seen in the upper right-hand corner.  The kanji characters above the flags identify a celebration for a soldier going off-to-war.  Painted horizontally across the top of the white field are the five characters for Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. The remaining lines of kanji read “Celebrating Mr. Toshio’s enrollment (enlistment), November 26, 1939. [Given by] Miyazaki Yoshio”.  A poem has also been written but is difficult to read.


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