Off To War Banner 0043 "SOLD"

This is an impressive Off-To-War Banner, measuring approximately 27.” wide X 118.” long.  The heavy silk-satin material is in great condition, with only minor fraying near the bottom edge. The top art panel shows a Japanese national flag, crossed with a Japanese battle flag. The two are lashed together by a gold painted tassel. The kanji character for celebrating a soldier going off to war is prominently displayed in red paint near the top of the flag poles.  A beautiful combination of sky blue and aqua blue are decoratively splatter painted around the crossed flag display. Further decorating sides and middle of this nobori are the outlines of large cherry blossoms and navy anchors. The anchors are outlined in sky/aqua blue, while the cherry blossoms are outlined in pink.

Running the center length of the banner are black painted kanji characters that say “Celebrating Enrollment- Sasebo Naval Unit- Mr. Tanaka Keijiro. [From] Noguchi Sei”. Along the bottom edge is a black oval stamp with the word “Joint” stamped inside it; probably for “Joint Military Intelligence”. This is an indication that the banner was cleared by the military and free of any strategic information. I have never seen this before on an Off-To-War Banner.

This is a fine banner in excellent condition and rare due to its navy association.


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