Rare Celebrating Discharge From Service Banner 0044

This attractive, heavy satin Celebrating Discharge Banner or Nobori measures approximately 21.” wide X 72.” long. It is made with a long white, center panel of satin, surrounded by satin edging that is deep plum in color. The upper art panel shows the classic Japanese national flag and battle flag pattern, crossed and held in place by a jade green cord and tassel. Above that is a heavy gold painted cherry blossom with two kanji characters in its center.  These are painted a heavy teal blue color. The Celebrating Discharge Banner comes on its original wood pole with silvered end caps.  Both ends of the banner display their original yellow-gold tassels.  The lower edge of this nobori also maintains its beautiful yellow-gold tassels.

The kanji characters on this banner say “Celebrating Discharge- Mr. Noze Eitaro. Fukuyama city. [From]- Ino Kanjiro”.

Fukuyama City, (southeastern Hiroshima ken (prefecture), western Honshu, Japan), lies on the delta of the Ashida River, facing the Inland Sea.  It was a small fishing village before the construction of Fukuyama Castle in 1619–22, and it subsequently developed as a commercial port for the surrounding region during the Edo (Tokugawa period (1603–1868). Its importance grew with the opening of the railway line between Kobe and Moji (now in Kitakyushu) in 1901. Fukuyama was heavily damaged by Allied bombing during World War Two, which also largely destroyed the castle; restoration of a portion of the castle was completed in 1966.

Banners that “Celebrate Discharge” or that are “Triumphant Return” are difficult to find. This example is an attractive one and is in very good condition with some wear and small holes near the bottom.


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