Off To War Banner 0046 "SOLD"

This extremely beautiful silk Off To War Banner measures approximately 19.5″ wide X 81.” long. The white center panel is made from an age darkened silk material and is outlined with a heavy red crepe silk-satin material. The red crepe is sprinkled with what appears to be real gold foil. The upper art panel displays a Japanese organizational emblem of sun and outstretched rays. In its center, a dark blue navy anchor is superimposed. Below that, an attractive sea foam green squiggle design crosses the nobori from right to left. In the center of that design, a bright silver Japanese army star, made from a heavy silver foil paper, is shown. The banner also comes on its original wood pole with hanging cord and red-white tassels.

The vertical lines of kanji begin with a large red character for celebrating a soldier going off-to-war. The large black and smaller blue ideograms say “Celebrating Joining- Mr. Kajima Kozo. [Presented by]- Tange Nobuo”.

This is one of the prettiest Off To War Banners I have had in a long time; no corners were cut i making this high end banner.

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