Celebrating Return/Triumphant Return Banner 0047

This colorful Japanese Celebrating Return/Triumphant Return Banner is made from a heavy silk-satin material and measures approximately 18.” wide X 46.” long. The center white silk panel is surrounded by a bright green silk-satin edging. The green border has a beautiful high-low pattern of chrysanthemum flowers running its length; these can be easily seen when held up in the light. The upper art panel shows a Japanese national flag, crossed with a battle flag and lashed together by a heavy blue cord and tassel. Where the poles come together near the top, a cherry blossom flower is outlined in red. Immediately below the flags are three colored squiggle designs: deep purple, red, and bright blue. That design crowns a large laurel wreath, tied together by a blue bow. At the center of the wreath is the red kanji for celebrating a soldier going to war. The banner is mounted on its original wood pole. Both silvered end caps are in place and the original yellow-gold hanging cord is in place. One yellow-gold tassel is suspended from the left-hand side. The lower edge of the nobori is finished off with yellow-gold fringe. There are some scattered insect bites located primarily near the bottom. There is one golf ball sized hole in the white field, near the lower left-hand corner (see photo).

The long vertical row of large black kanji characters say ““Celebrating Welcome!- Mr.Kawamura Yoshio. [From]- Aoki Ippei”

These days, the Celebrating Return/Triumphant Return type of banner are becoming tougher to find. This example is quite colorful and in very nice condition.




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