Off To War Banner- 0049

This is a beautiful silk Imperial Japanese Off To War Banner.  It measures approximately 18.5″ wide X 58.” long. The upper panel depicts a Golden Kite Award in the center of Japanese Battle Flag-type sunburst. The Kite design is highlighted by a combination of black and silver glitter, that give the art added dimension.  Below that is a blue squiggle design with two red kanji characters Celebrating a Soldier Going to War.  The outer edges of the Nobori are lined with a deep blue silk material. The highlight of this material are the embroidered flying cranes that can be seen when held up to the light. The lower edge of the banner is finished off by a pretty gold and blue silk fringe.

The vertical line of black kanji characters say “Celebrating the Induction of Mr. Sato Tadao”.

This is a colorful banner in very good condition. The Golden Kite art is stand-out!


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