Off To War Banner-0051

This Off To War Banner is made from a crudely woven hemp or cotton material.  Home made banners were fairly typical during the war and this example shows age.  Overall, the nobori measures approximately 19.” wide X 88.” long.  The length of the material was looped over on the upper edge and tack stitched with cotton thread to form a pocket that could accommodate a rod for hanging (I’m not sure the rod shown is original to this banner.)  There is a large Japanese battle flag painted across the top that was likely silk or pattern screened.  It stands out brightly against the age darkened white material.  The vertical black rows of kanji say “Farewell to Army Infantry Corporal….”.  The name of the soldier, however, has been removed.  This is often seen when there are privacy concerns among family members or if the person in question may have been killed.

There is some loss of material and a repair area where some of the black inked kanji characters are located (see photos).

I like this off to war banner; a probable late-war example.


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