Off To War Banner- 0053

This Off To War Banner is an impressive size measuring approximately 2′ 3″ wide X 13′ 8″ long.  The heavy white silk-satin banner material displays a beautiful high-low chrysanthemum and branch background design.  The colorful art was silk screened over that with real precision.  The upper art panel begins with a large red orb in the center.  Running horizontally through it is a deep purple squiggle design. The sun orb is surrounded by jade green laurel and red berry branches on either side.  The branches are tied off in the center with an impressive red knotted bow.  Above that are two large purple kanji that designate a Soldier Going to War.  The lower edge of the norbori or banner is nicely finished by a gold and teal silk tassel.

The vertical row of large kanji characters say “Celebrating [Going] Off To The Front”. “For: Mr. Arai Kinsuke. [Presented by] Yokomizo [Of] Shitaya Town”.

This wonderful Off To War Banner is in very good condition with few wear spots and/or stains.


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