Off To War Banner With Large Flying Golden Kite-0048 "SOLD"

This is probably the largest Golden Kite I have seen on an Off To War Banner!  Overall, the silk-satin banner measures approximately 2′ 2″ wide X 14′ 6″ long.  The upper aspect of the banner displays a colorful Japanese Battle Flag.  Flying right through the center of the red orb is a beautiful and large Golden Kite.  During the War, Japan’s highest decoration for valorous action was known as the Order of the Golden Kite.  Immediately below the Kite is a large Imperial Japanese Army star; the bird appears to be getting ready to perch on the uppermost point of the star.  The star sits in the center of an attractive blue squiggle design that runs the width of the banner, left to right.

The large black kanji characters that run vertically down the center of the white silk-satin background read “For: Kozu Ikuzo.  Presented by: [the] Tsube Ward.”  This is a township located in Chiba Prefecture.

The banner was made from a beautiful, heavy satiny material.  When held up to the light, cherry blossoms may be seen embroidered within the material.  A very nice touch for a higher end banner, probably presented to a native son from the Tsube Ward in Chiba Prefecture.

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