1000 Stitch Belt-0005

This early Senninbari-Haramaki, plain though it may appear, is one of my favorites. Made from a heavy, coarse cotton material, it measures approximately 5.25″ High X 34.75″ Long. The belt consists of 2 layers of material folded over, and has a stitched pouch in the center for holding personal items. The pouch has double rows of white stitches across the front that form re-curing diamond patterns. Inside the pouch, I found 2 old photographs: one is the image of a single soldier, while the other shows 2 soldiers, perhaps friends or brothers. In addition, one side of the belt has a couple of rice kernels placed between layers of material for good luck. One of the tie strings is complete, while the other only partially remains. Early senninbari, similar to this were sometimes soaked in brine and allowed to dry. If needed, the one-thousand stitch belt could be used as a bandage or tourniquet, with the salty cloth providing anti-septic properties. Sucking on it would also provide the stimulation of saliva flow should the person be without water. This belt shows obvious field use.


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