1000 Stitch Belt Stamped With Multiple Shrine-Temple Seals

This white cotton One-Thousand Stitch Belt is one of the longest I have seen. It measures 3.00″ High X a whopping 84.00″ Long, including the tie strings! The knotted panel has been secured in-between an inner and outer layer of cloth. While the knots may be seen on both sides of the belt, it is difficult to determine the color thread used to make them. I can see that they are made from a dark thread, so I would guess that they are either green or black. There are 4 large square temple or shrine seals pressed into the cloth in the front of the senninbari. They measure approximately 2.75″ square inches. The 2 outer stamps are quite dark in color and easy to see and read. The seal on the left is for the Inari Taisha while the one on the right is for the Fujimori Jinja. Both are shrines located in the Fushimi area of Kyoto. The 2 lighter seals in the center correspond to the 2 named shrines on the outside. An attractive and well marked one-thousand stitch belt.


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