1000 Stitch Belt-0041

This finely detailed Senninbari Belt is made from a heavy white silk material that has age-toned to an attractive, and warm cream color. It measures approximately 6.25″ High X 43.50″ Long, not including the tie strings. This colorfully marked 1000 Stitch Belt has its grouping of 1000 red cotton knots (I did not count them!), spread across the entire front panel. Of note: it appears that the Belt was professionally constructed as the outer finishing stitches, tie strings, and tie string tie off slot were created with impeccable attention. The silk material used is of the highest quality.
A couple of things make this Senninbari unique: one is the large red, double stamped Imperial Japanese Army Star that is visible near the front-center. It is quite large, measuring almost 2.25″ High. Located below it is a smaller gold metal star, that was stitched to the front of the Belt. I believe that this style of sewn gold army star was used to I.D. officer candidates. That star measures approximately .50″ High. Stitched inside the double thickness silk panels, and located near the left-hand tie string is probably a paper ofuda. I can feel it in between, but am unable to see if there is anything on it. Additionally, a small red personal stamp, or inkan was used to stamp what is probably the owner’s name, Tashiro, across the front (3 times), and the rear (4 times). There also appears to be 2 kanji characters written near both the left, and right-hand tie strings. They are quite feint, however, and very difficult to read. They may say, Den-ta, and Hitsu-kanara…..


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