1000 Stitch Belt With Slogan "May Your Military Fortune Be Long Lasting" and Shinto Mantra "Samuhara" Meant to Protect the Wearer From Harm, Particularly By Bullets

This colorful One-Thousand Stitch Belt or Senninbari was made from a cotton material that is now age-toned to a light brown. It measures approximately 6.50″ High X 46.00″ Long, and has no tie strings. The design across the front of the belt was hand drawn by using a black ink pen or brush, and then hand stitched in red cotton thread.
There is a beautiful red rising sun with rays near the center-bottom of the senninbari. To the right of that are the 4 large characters for the popular slogan Buun Chokyu, or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting”.
The reverse of the belt also has 4 large horizontal characters inked in black for the mantra, “Samuhara”. Samuhara was meant to protect the wearer from harm in battle, and in particular, against harm from bullets. To the very left-hand side are a few rows of Japanese ideograms written in a highly stylized script that are too difficult to read.
This very colorful senninbari is quite attractive, especially with the manner in which the art has been stitched across the front. This would look beautiful framed or used in a display!


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