Typical 1000 Stitch Belt Made From White Cotton Cloth And Red Knots

This Senninbari was made from rough cotton cloth that is now age toned to a light brown color. It measures approximately 6.50″ High X 37.50″ Long, and has no tie strings. It appears that this example never had tie strings as was quite common, especially in early senninbari. Throughout the late-19th century (First Sino-Japanese War period), and into the mid-20th century (Russo-Japanese War/Great East Asian War/WW2 period), senninbari were often made, and gifted as simple square or rectangular knotted pieces of cloth, without tie strings. As a good luck amulet of protection, the senninbari received its power to protect in the knots, that were placed by different individual women, within the cloth.
This simple example contains its 1000 knots on the front, made from red cotton thread. Across the back, the thread has formed flat French-style stitches, that make it more comfortable when worn up against the abdomen. This is a nice example of the most basic senninbari.


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