1000 Stitch Belt-0050 "SOLD"

This beautiful white cotton Senninbari, or One-Thousand Stitch Belt has artwork that was made to look like a Rising Sun, or Japanese Battle Flag. The large sun with rays, stretches across both the front, and back of the belt. Approximate measurements are 6.00″ High X 39.25″ Long, not including tie strings. This particular senninbari was made by first taking a small circular stamp, and placing 1000 round blue marks on the material in the form of the rising sun. Later, 1000 small knots were placed in each circle with red cotton thread. A good luck coin (it feels like a 5-sen coin), was stitched with white cotton thread to the inside center of the sun (see images: front and back). 2 small (.50″ High) red inkan or name seals were placed in the upper corner of the belt; They probably identify the owner, although they are too blurred to read. The material was then folded over lengthwise, and stitched closed across the top. Long tie strings were then stitched to each side of the belt for lacing around the waist. This is a clean senninbari with an interesting sun ray motif!

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