1000 Stitch Belt-0051

This One-Thousand Stitch Belt or Senninbari is made from a combination of silk, and cotton cloth. It measures approximately 7.50″ High X 33.75″ Long- There are no tie strings. It appears that at one time there may have been tie strings and buttons, to fasten this belt, however, the strings and buttons gone, with only the button loops remaining. The senninbari is interesting in that it is heavily padded in the middle of the belt in order to provide warmth to the wearer’s “hara” or abdomen. There is also a center pouch that can be opened, and is lined in black material.
In making the belt, someone took a small ink stamp, and made 1000 round black circles that were each filled with a flat, red thread or knot. On the left-hand side, you can see the characters for “Samuhara” written in an almost continuous fashion. “Samuhara” was a mantra that was believed to provide the wearer with protection from the enemy bullets. This is a nicely used, homemade one-thousand stitch belt that shows good field wear, and repairs. A classic example!


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