1000 Stitch Belt With Beautiful Red Shrine Seal From The Kamikawa Shrine Located In Asahikawa

This attractive One-Thousand Stitch Belt is made from a white cotton cloth that has darkened a bit with age. It measures approximately 6.25″ High X 39.00″ Long; it never had tie strings.
Both shorter side edges of the belt are finished off with stitches, and the person who made the amulet, never intended to add tie strings. Senninbari of this type were normally carried, folded in the gear, placed in the helmet as padding, etc. The key behind the luck of the senninbari is the compounding of fortune, imparted to the amulet via the stitches. This particular belt was made by taking a small, round stamp, and placing 1000 round circles. Afterward, each circle had a small pale green cotton knot added to the cloth. What really makes this senninbari stand out is the very large (3.00 square inches!), and bold Shrine seal located on the far end. The seal was created using the attractive “tensho” style of script. Translated it says, “Seal of the Kamikawa Shrine”. This particular shrine is located in Asahikawa within the Kaguraoka Park, on the Island of Hokkaido. Asahikawa was populated by mainland Japanese in the Meiji period (1868 July 1912) as a tondenhei, or state-sponsored farmer-militia settlement. In addition, it is known for its industry (many rivers run through the area), and commerce. It is also well known for its winter festival, due to its very cold temperatures! An unusual senninbari with a very large, and attractive red shrine seal.


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