1000 Belt-0056 "SOLD"

This is the quintessential Senninbari belt! Measuring approximately 4.00″ X 33.75″, not including the tie strings. The white silk, and red cotton threads combine to provide this example with the most auspicious “good luck” color combination. This home-made amulet had its design first drawn across the silk ahead of time using red ink, and then had its knots added to complete the pattern. The center of the belt has a large Japanese hinomaru flag, surrounded by 4 stitched kanji characters for the slogan, Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Lasting”. The two silk tie strings were stitched into place using a green khaki thread. There is some light age darkening to the silk, and a small stain on the left-hand side of this recently veteran estate acquired Senninbari. A very good looking belt!

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