1000 Stitch Belt Made From Beautiful Yellow Cloth With Red Knots-Slogan "Certain Victory" And Seals

This is an unusual Senninbari made on yellow cotton, with its knots stitched with red cotton thread. It contains 3 rows of kanji characters done in a vertical manner. While more examples typically contain horizontally placed kanji, enough of this vertical style are seen to know that they were often done this way as well.
This senninbari measures approximately 6.75″ X 42.25″; it has never had tie strings. Many senninbari lacked fastening ties and were either carried in the pocket, helmet liner, or wrapped loosely around the waist. Others were simply presented as gifts, and were never taken into the field. Someone took a small round stamp and using red ink, made 1000 red circles that now each contain a red knot. The reverse of the belt displays flat French stitches.
The superbly written kanji characters, done in black ink say from left to right, Hissho or “Certain Victory!”, Samuhara which is a Shinto mantra that protects the wearer from harm done by bullets in battle, and Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting”. The upper left-hand corner of the Senninbari displays a large red sun stamp along with what appears to be a paulonia leaf and 2 characters that appear to refer to an “Award”. There is some striped fading to the yellow material that is evident in the photos. An attractive Senninbari, in an unusual color, with some very nice calligraphy and slogans.


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