1000 Stitch Belt-0062 "SOLD"

This One-Thousand Stitch Belt or Senninbari possesses a number of great features all in one package! Made from white cotton in a Haramaki style, the belt measures approximately 5.75″ high X 32.25″ long. There are no tie strings as this belt was made with 3 large, heavy shell buttons in order to fasten it closed. The opposing end of the senninbari has 6 button loops, lined up in 2 rows of 3, so that the owner could tighten or loosen the item as to his liking. Each button loop was re-enforced by hand in order to prevent the material from tearing.
The front center of the senninbari contains a beautifully knotted panel of 1000 red cotton stitches that provide combined wish or force of protection that these belts are noted. In addition, within the center of the knotted panel, are 4 shrine or temple seals. The red ink is a bit faded and partially covered by the stitches too, however, one of them appears to be in the shape of a lotus blossom.
In the upper left-hand corner of the knots 2 good luck coins are sewn.The 5 and 10 sen coins were stitched into place using white cotton thread. The red and white color combination is the most auspicious pairing, providing immense good luck to the owner. Located near the upper right-hand corner of the knotted panel, a medium sized brass oval disc in the shape of a Japanese military dog-tag was sewn. The center characters running vertically down the front of the tag say, “Samuhara” which was a good luck mantra to protect the wearer from bullets in battle. The additional characters read, “Magical 4 letter word that protects you”. This refers to the good luck properties that were supposed to accompany the owner of the charm. In addition, there are 2 smiling deity/Buddha faces on the charm’s front side.
The belt was made with a center pouch that generally contained personal items like additional charms, photos and the like. Upon opening the pouch, I discovered a heavily creased, “1 Yen” note. The reverse says, “Nippon Ginko- Promises to pay the bearer on demand One yen in silver”.
This is a marvelous senninbari belt that contains many terrific features wrapped into one package! The seals, coins, paper note and dog-tag style charm alone, make this an very nice one-thousand stitch belt example.

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