1000 Stitch Belt-0065

This very clean silk Senninbari or One-Thousand Stitch Belt measures approximately 6.25″ high X 34.50″ long, not including its cotton tie strings. The front of the white belt is stitched with 1000 red cotton knots, each meant to impart a measure of protection to the person who wore this around their waste. The center of the 1000 stitch belt has 3 red stitched kanji characters that read, Dai Nippon or “Japan”. On either side of that, there is a large Japanese national flag or hata, stitched as well.  The example on the left has a black inked name written upon it that says, Kazunori, probably the owner. The reverse of the belt contains a heavy panel of padded cloth that was meant to provide warmth to the wearer as well as to pad the stomach during wearing from the stitches on the other side. A colorful senninbari, with above average stitching.


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