1000 Stitch Belt-0066-"SOLD"

This One-Thousand Stitch Belt or Senninbari is made from a cotton material and measures approximately 6.50″ high X 47.50″ long; there are no tie strings. Across the front of the belt, there are small, pre-printed blue dots.  In each dot, a single red cotton knot was placed. With the addition of each knot, it was believed that there would be a compounding of good luck, good health and protection.  One side of the belt has the printed slogan Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting”. The other side, has a large round, red sun in the center. A separate piece of cotton cloth with a round red sun in its center was sewn inside the belt and used as a pouch to hold personal items or additional good luck amulets.  Sewn within the layers, between the outer panel and inner pouch is a 10-sen coin. The black ink kanji characters on the ends of the belt provide the name of the owner, Yamamoto Rentaro, Presented by the Kamata Women’s Association.  The right-hand end of the senninbari also has 3 interesting red ink stamped seals.  The small, round one is very faint and difficult to see.  The others appear to indicate that the belt was stamped/blessed at the Hachiman Jinja, likely the Kamata Hachiman Shrine in Tokyo.  This 1000 stitch belt was purchased directly in Japan and has certainly been affected by war.


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