1000 Stitch Tiger Belt With Multiple Good Luck Coins “ON HOLD”

This silk One-Thousand Stitch Belt is one of the highly sought after “tiger belts”. The inside of the belt has 1000 red cotton knots that have been sewn into the shape of a charging tiger! In combination with the belt’s white material, the two colors represent the most auspicious color grouping in Asian culture, for good luck. The senninbari’s approximate measurements are 5.25″ high X 48.00″ long, not including the cotton tie strings. The inside-center of the senninbari contains 3, ten-sen good luck coins that were sewn into place with red cotton thread. The middle of the belt has a vertical tear that is evident on the front and back (see photos). This could have been caused in the field by wear over time or may have been the result of someone wishing to see the coins present, I don’t know. Tiger belts continue to be highly sought and are one of the most colorful of this popular wartime good luck amulet of protection.


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