1000 Stitch Belt-0072- Colorful Painted Tiger Senninbari- "SOLD"

I was fortunate to acquire this very special custom painted, silk Tiger Senninbari Belt (otsb-0072), at the same time that I found otsb-0071 (also listed). This 1000 stitch belt is made from a heavy silk material and measures approximately 7.00″ High X 34.00″ Long, not including the tie strings. The tiger in the center is surrounded by two blocks of 500 red cotton knots totaling 1000, thus the name “1000 Stitch Belt”. There is a center pouch that contains a 5-sen Japanese coin, sewn into place with white cotton thread. The red and white color combination is the most auspicious and symbolizes good fortune. The large painted tiger in the front-center of the belt measures approximately 6.00″ High X 9.00″ Long. The artist used various colors including: black, white, gray, red, light green, dark green, light orange, dark orange, yellow and yellow-gold when rendering the image. On the left-hand side, someone painted in black ink the kanji characters for “Showa 18-March 25”. This was probably done by the person who made the belt at the time of presentation and indicates the standard date of March 25, 1943. A few weeks after this date, Admiral Yamamoto, the design genius of the attack on Pearl Harbor was shot down by U.S. aircraft taking part in Operation Vengeance, over Bougainville. This is a beautiful senninbari belt and will stand out in anyone’s collection!

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