1000 Stitch Belt-0070

This Senninbari is made from a white cotton material and can be read when displayed vertically. This type of senninbari is normally not found with tie strings, and was probably made as a presentation piece, or to be carried on one’s person, for good luck. (A similar style of 1000 Stitch item may be seen in the book, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts, on page 246). At the time it was made, someone took a round stamp and used it to press small round red circles into the material. Each of these were filled with a knot made from red cotton thread. This example, however, is incomplete, and not all of the knots have been placed (see images). The white cotton has age toned, and there are a few stains and dirt present. Across the front of the senninbari, the characters read, Yamato Damashii/Chu-yu, or “Yamato Spirit/Loyalty and Courage”. Also across the back of the senninbari a name, Ko-ichi, Fukui Taka is present in black ink. Taka is a female name, and Ko-ichi is probably some kind of an acronym. Approximate measurements are 6.50″ High X 74.00″ Long. A colorful example of a vertical senninbari.


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